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Meet Your Host: Lillie Claire Love

Lillie is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Writer, Speaker and Leader. She amplifies women’s process of reclaiming their Sovereignty in all capacities - sexually, emotionally, financially, creatively, and relationally.

Her gift for Somatic cellular healing guides people--on an individual and collective level--to get out of their heads, and into their bodies, where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity lives.

This work has literally saved Lillie’s life. Discovering Tantra, Yoga, Life Coaching and Somatic and Energy Work on her own path to healing and overcoming sexual trauma, complex-PTSD, toxic anger, addiction and codependency, was a gift that she could not help but want to share with the world. Lillie transmits her knowledge from a deep place of compassion and empathy.

She stands for honoring our Great Mother Earth, and restoring, healing and evolving the equilibrium of Feminine and Masculine dynamics within and between all human beings.

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