Ann Marie Paul

Ann Marie is an activator for feminine sensuality, she helps women remember their divinity. She teaches women’s tantra, taoist yoni egg practice and the magic of living in harmony with nature. Her background is in yoga, she taught and owned a yoga studio for 7 years. She burnt out running the business and trying to maintain a yoga practice, so left the yoga world a bit disillusioned, as she thought that practicing yoga was going to be a way to maintain youth and instead the path of yoga that she took led to fatigue. At this point in her life, after leaving yoga, she was also coming out of a painful breakup, she met a Russian woman who taught her exercises to do with her vagina to make her more “feminine”. She did these every single morning and started to notice differences in her outer world immediately. She began to get the message from spirit “there is magic in woman’s vaginas and you are supposed to tell them about it” It was shortly after this time that she found yoni eggs. Very quickly she started teaching other women about yoni eggs and has now dedicated her life to sharing this wisdom with as many women as possible online and in person.