Jeddy Azuma

As a newly minted college grad and healthcare professional, Jeddy soon began to experience the pain of having no sense of higher purpose or meaning in his life.

A life-changing run-in with the law and his own deep personal reflections sent him on a 3,000 mile journey across the country to discover meaning. From silent meditations to fasting in the wilderness for 4 days and nights, Jeddy discovered the importance of men’s circles and Rites of Passage, and has since dedicated his life to providing these opportunities for other men seeking their purpose. Jeddy is the creator and host of The Rising Man Podcast, one of the founding fathers of The Conscious Man Brotherhood (CMB) and Man Cave.

He leads men on wilderness initiations and Rites of Passage journeys in an effort to reawaken these ways of revealing a man’s truth for the sake of the next 7 generations. He is a husband, father, martial artist, and mentor to men of all ages.