Krystina Sloan

Krystina is the creator of Queen Support, a business entity that blossomed when she stopped trying to follow a specific business model or strategy, and allowed the Universe to support her.

She built a multi million dollar company in the past, but did so in a masculine driven way that left her depleted of testosterone and completely burnt out. When she was told it was because she was using too much masculine energy, she became obsessed with learning about femininity.

She went on a journey of shedding her maximilist lifestyle, re-evaluating her life value’s and over-coming past trauma and ptsd, which was turned around by one simple act: focusing on what felt good and doing more of that every day.

She has experience in business, childbirth, fertility, femininity and is fulfilled and energized by seeing other Feminine Leaders basking in their creative juices and offering their gifts fully to the world.